Benefits of colon hydrotherapy

The main benefits of colon hydrotherapy are:

  • cleansing the body by removing waste and toxins from the colon
  • releasing pressure in the abdominal area

Whether bowel movements are normal or there is constipation, there is always waste that stays in the folds of the colon. This waste is fermented by some of the intestinal flora, producing gas and toxins. When these toxins remain in contact with the colon, over time they are reabsorbed by the body. For this reason, although the colon is always in contact with waste, the aim of colon hydrotherapy is to eliminate older waste that has remained stuck to the walls and folds of the colon.

The accumulation of toxins and their reabsorption into the colon is linked to many disorders and conditions that affect the whole body, the skin, mucus, migraines, etc.

Excessive fermentation also causes excess gas in the colon with distension, flatulence and abdominal discomfort, which improve significantly with intestinal cleansing.

Eliminating waste from the colon reduces and releases pressure in the abdominal area. This improves muscle pain, especially in the lower back, and allows the abdominal area to relax, which is an area where many people store tension caused by stress. Colon hydrotherapy is, therefore, also considered a relaxation therapy, as it counteracts the direct effects of stressful situations on the body.

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