For whom is colon hydrotherapy recommended?

Indications for colon hydrotherapy

  • Very effective to prepare the colon prior to endoscopic and radiologic examinations
  • Ideal to complement the standard preparations in cases in which correct cleaning is not achieved, preventing the need to repeat the diet and evacuation solutions
  • Effective to cleanse and prepare the colon prior to surgical digestive interventions
  • Quick and easy removal of barium dye used in radiological analysis (bowel movements, opaque enema)
  • Very positive results as a treatment for constipation
  • Beneficial to remove waste for colonic diverticular disease
  • For patients with irritable bowel syndrome
  • It reduces meteorism and dyspepsia
  • It helps reduce the occurrence of haemorrhoids
  • As a preventative medicine: a therapy linked to other medical and health and dietary measures in the prevention of bowel cancer (in some countries it is recommended for high risk groups with a personal or family history of bowel polyps or bowel cancer)
  • Obesity (especially at the beginning of a diet, with weight loss per session that encourages the patient to follow a balanced diet)
  • Headaches (a beneficial effect due to the treatment of constipation, elimination of toxins and relaxation of the musculoskeletal system)
  • Circulatory and lymphatic disorders (varicose veins, lower extremity oedema, cellulitis, etc.) by improving return circulation
  • Dermatological and allergic disorders (acne, eczema, itching, rashes, dry skin, etc.) due to the relationship between the skin’s appearance and intestinal functioning, by eliminating residues and toxins
  • Indirectly improving conditions affecting the intraabdominal organs and the musculoskeletal system, by contiguity, by emptying the intestine and reducing intraabdominal pressure

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